Focusing on Our Clients

Employing an integrated approach to every construction project, we put the client first. We take the time to know and understand our clients, thus allowing us to start each project with a clear picture of a particular vision and expectation. We are committed to making an investment in customer relations and long range marketing. Because of this philosophy we have enjoyed repeat business and our clients have confidence in making referrals due to the faith and accountability that Citicon has instilled.

Prioritising Safety

Citicon’s commitment to safety permeates every aspect of our organization. We have found that rigorous safety controls do not detract from the bottom line, but actually improve relationships and job site efficiency to ensure top quality and value for your project. We will make it our overriding responsibility to comply with safety regulations and work proactively to prevent accidents and reduce environmental hazards.

  1. By establishing our “Quality, Health and Safety Policy”, Citicon and staff are committed :-
  2. To Provide Quality Service and Products to Meet all Customers’ Requirements.
  3. To Continually Improve on the Performance of its Services and Product through Effective Analysis of its Quality, Health and Safety Management System.
  4. To Comply to all Applicable Legal and Other Requirements in relation to Quality and Safety Aspects.
  5. To Prevent and Reduce Accidents or Incidents.

Developing and Respecting Our Employees

At Citicon, we have an assembly of highly skilled individuals with demonstrated experience, who are willing to make a total commitment and total contribution to the success of the company. The construction business, being unique in many ways, requires employees who are willing to make sacrifices and to personally invest themselves in the company. The job is the boss. Construction projects demand expert management, and can be extremely time consuming. Often, we are involved in turn-around projects that require immediate service and working in “around-the-clock” conditions.

Our main resource and greatest asset is our key people. Hence, we believe in creating a working environment that brings out the best in our employees – through providing opportunities that challenge and excite the mind, and support creativity, empowerment and growth. We will invest in our employees to make them feel appreciated, cared for and respected.

Establishing Rapport with Our Business Partners

We are committed to be of service to our suppliers and subcontractors, as well as to our clients, in the hopes that they will pay us back with excellent service and the best pricing available in the market. That through keeping our word in regards to timely payment, fair bidding procedures, energetic and equitable project management, we will create a profitable environment for the subcontractors as well as ourselves which will pay off in the long run.

Fostering Growth and Profitability

We believe that growth and profitability are essential elements to our future success. We should not only be known for our customer-focus, industry leadership and strong suite of building services – but also be recognized for our excellent financial performance, proven management model and successful growth strategy. Our clients will benefit from our continued expansion, as we will be able to provide them with a wider range of value-added services.