Concrete is a rigid building material in which cracks can develop due to shrinkage, temperature changes, ground movement or excessive loads.

The rebar in concrete keeps it together, however if cracks in concrete are exposed, water will slowly work its way in and begin to corrode the reinforcing steel. The rebar will expand as it corrodes, causing spalling to take place. This will expose the rebar even further, accelerating the corrosion process and potentially causing further damage to the structure.

Citicon offers a comprehensive range of concrete repair and remediation solutions, protecting the structures from further actions of corrosive elements which affect the reinforcing steel. We can guide our clients through the process of diagnosis, repair and protection with a harmonised solution to provide long term durability.

We provide the following concrete repair services:-

  • Spalling Concrete
  • Cementitious Grouting
  • Epoxy Grouting
  • Cement / Sand Screed